January Special VS100 Package


This Special Package includes:

1 x VS100 Vacuum Sealer

1 x pack of 150-200mm Embossed Micro Channel Bags (total of 100pcs)

1 x pack of 165-250mm Embossed Micro Channel Bags (total of 100pcs)


That’s a saving of $46.70


Usual price $161.70

Pay only $115.00


Embossed Micro Channel Bags

Embossed micro channel bags are slightly thicker (100 micron) than the standard micro channel bags. They are food safe, BPA free, strong and perfect to use with sharper items such as bony meats (T-bone steak, whole fish, ribs, pork chops, lamb shanks, chicken wings), whole nuts, dried dog treats and more.

These bags will extend the shelf life of your food for longer and are great for transporting frozen food. Embossed channel bags will stop freezer burn are suitable for sous vide cooking and for reheating meals in boiling water.

Our embossed bags are suitable to use with every brand of vacuum sealer on the market and are perfect to use with either the VS100 or VS305 vacuum sealers.

VS100 Vacuum Sealer

The VS100 has a heavy duty plastic body and has 2 operating modes – ‘vacuum seal’ and ‘seal only’. The sealing width is 2mm and the maximum bag width to be used with this unit is 300mm. It is suitable to vacuum storage canister with its built-in canister port.

To operate the vacuum sealer, simply put food in the bag, place the end of the bag in the vacuum area, lock the lid in and press start.

The VS100 will work with our Micro or Embossed Micro Channel Bags or Rolls.

Please note: this unit will not work with the commercial vacuum bags (smooth surface bags) as it needs bags with channels for the air to be sucked out.


Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 20 cm