Monthly Special 5 x Packs Embossed Micro Channel Bags 165x250mm


šŸŸĀ This Special Package includes:šŸŸ

5 x Packs of Embossed Micro Channel Bags 165x250mm (Total of 500pcs)

Thatā€™s a saving of $20.50 !


Usual price $104.50

Pay only $84.00


Embossed Micro Channel Bags

For out of chamber vacuum machines, such as our VS100 and VS305 vacuum sealers, you must useĀ channelledĀ bags to be able to vacuum your food. Our normal micro channel bags are 85 micron, these embossed micro channel bags are 100 micron. This means they are a little more expensive than the 85 micron bags, but are a lot stronger; more barrier means longer shelf life and they will vacuum quicker! You can use 100 micron embossed bags to vacuum bone in meat or when you want to freeze and transport food later (your next camping trip?)..

Transporting frozen foods could damage the packaging and when you reheat in boiling water itā€™s important your bag is intact. Pac Foodā€™s 100 micron embossed bags will help with this!

Ideal for sous vide and to prevent freezer burn. Our embossed bags WILL work with every vacuum sealer in the market.

With best prices and great quality, Pac Food is one of the market leaders in domestic vacuum sealing.Ā To get some very helpful instructions and handy tips on vacuum sealingĀ embossed micro channel bagsĀ and rollsĀ view ourĀ vacuum sealer demonstration videos.


  • Will work with EVERY brand of vacuum sealer
  • 100 Micron
  • Thicker, longer shelf life
  • Better barrier
  • Quick to vacuum
  • Great for sous vide
  • For bone in meat
  • Clear, easy to see the food
  • Strong seals
  • Best prices you will find!

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 28 × 21 × 32 cm

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