6 things You Didn’t Know About EKO PAK

At Pac Food, we’re so excited about our range of sustainable food packaging solutions that we’ve put together this blog which outlines 6 things you didn’t know about EKO PAK.

As an industry leader in food packaging solutions, we are serious about the planet and becoming more sustainable where the technology is available. So, we worked hard to develop EKO PAK – a range of takeaway products which are made from sugar cane.

These products – including round and square bowls, clamshells and rectangle trays – are completely natural, sustainable AND when they breakdown they become nutrient rich compost.

With our EKO PAK range, Pac Food promises our customers the best quality environmentally-friendly products, fantastic customer service and the best prices in the market.

Keep reading to find out what sets our sustainable range apart from its competitors, or view our products here.

6 Things You Didn’t Know About EKO PAK

Being relatively new to market, here’s what you may not know about EKO PAK by Pac Food:

1. Unique low shipping charges:

We offer 3-box free shipping to many destinations around the country, making it much more affordable for those who need to buy in bulk.

We also offer sponsored rural shipping. That way those harder to reach areas can still do their bit for the planet with sustainable packaging solutions.

2. Compostable:

At Pac Food, we have strived to add environmentally-friendly packaging solutions to our range wherever possible over the years.

EKO PAK is our dedicated range of sustainable packaging made from bagasse (a sugar cane by-product) – which makes it not only natural and biodegradable, but compostable as well.

If your business (restaurant, café, food truck or market) is trying to be more conscious about the planet, our compostable tableware solutions are an ideal place to start.

3. Stackable & Sturdy

Our EKO PAK round and square bowls, clamshells and rectangle trays can be stacked for neat storage and easy transportation.

Plus, they’re high quality, durable and have been designed to prevent spills!

4. Suitable for a Wide Variety of Foods

It doesn’t matter what food you’re selling – we’re confident you’ll find a solution in our EKO PAK range.

If you’re a fish and chip shop, our clamshells are likely to be the most suitable.

If you’re a food truck selling wraps, burritos, gyoza or hot dogs, our rectangle trays would be the best choice.

And our bowls – rectangle and square – are ideal for just about all hospitality businesses selling salads, pastas, stir fries, soups and so much more!

5. Completely Unbranded

The EKO PAK products do not contain our branding, which makes it easy for you to add yours!

Also, any meal looks good photographed in our EKO PAK solutions, because there’s no branding or imagery to detract from the food.

Trust us – your customers will love to photograph your delectable offerings in our packaging and share them online (#instagramworthy).

6. Leader in Food Packaging Industry

At Pac Food, we are proud to be one of the most reputable brands in the food packaging industry.

We are known for our commercial-grade products, our prices and incredible customer service.

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6 things You Didn’t Know About EKO PAK

If you want to learn more about Pac Food’s environmentally-friendly food packaging, or place an order, give our team a call now on 1800 823 200.