About Us

Pac Food started as a one man, one computer, one pallet, one garage and one product operation in Bundaberg in 2007.

The first product we launched were our popular PanSaver ovenable panliners, which were soon adopted by Subway and many other commercial kitchens across Australia and New Zealand.

Being assisted by one of Germany’s renowned Executive Chefs, an assortment of Cook Chill Bags was developed and marketed across Oceania. Central production units for hospitals and aged care as well as airline caterers and other big kitchens chose Pac Food’s good quality and inexpensive shelf life bags. Soon after a manual concept became available for the smaller kitchens.

Keeping in line with shelf life bags, Pac Food introduced one of Australia’s largest ranges of Vacuum Sealing Bags. Our bags are available in 70, 100, 120 and 200 micron and are suitable for storage and hot fill of wet dishes. Our Micro and Embossed Channel Bags / Rolls are the vacuum sealing bags for the domestic market. 

To meet the demand of automated cook chill in vertical form filling, we developed co-extruded and laminated options for VFFF.

Lastly, in the shelf life category, our Stand Up Pouches are an excellent example of how to create extra shelf life in combination with letting your products stand up and out.

Sustainability is high in Pac Food’s priority list, therefore our Piping Bags, Trolley Covers and ScrubSaver products are all recyclable. Our Eko Pak products fall in the compostable category.

We have been marketing CPET meals trays for quite a while now, and have also recently added our Lined Sugarcane containers which are a major sustainable advancement in meal distribution.

A few basic principles Pac Food strives for:

  • Provide customer service as we would like to be treated ourselves
  • We consider after sales and service a very high priority
  • Make sure we are never out of stock of regular product lines
  • Problem solving for our customers, we will do our utmost, as soon as possible
  • Respond to quotation inquiries and product inquiries the same day or ultimately the next working day

Pac Food has an office on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and warehouses some stock lines in the Sunshine Coast area. The majority of the stock is held in Brisbane, but we also have warehouses in Melbourne, Perth and Auckland, ensuring an Australia and New Zealand wide, efficient and fast distribution.

Call us for advice or samples, we ensure very competitive prices and a service you will not soon forget.

From a one man, one computer, one pallet, one garage and one product operation, it has been quite a journey.

Thank you to all the customers who have put their trust in us.


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