Eko Pak Plate and Wrapped Cutlery Set

Our Eko Pak Plate is 100% compostable, great for a BBQ, perfect for a party.

And best of all after it is all done, you can throw the plates straight into your compost bin


Our wrapped knife fork spoon napkin set is all made from FSC wood,

Everything you need in one set of cutlery, it is all unbranded, durable, and compostable


EKO PAK Sugarcane Plate ꝋ225*19.6mm code EKO120

Box qty: 500

Normal price: $58.04 ex gst (12c per plate)

July 20% off: $46.43 ex gst (9c per plate)


EKO PAK FSC Wood Wrapped 16cm Knife, Fork, Spoon, Napkin code EKO500

Box qty: 400

Normal price $69.26 ex gst (17c each)

July 20% off: $55.40 ex gst (14c each)