Great Vacuum Sealer Tips for Everyday Life

Vacuum Sealer can sometimes make your life much easier and help you to be a bit more organised. This guide contains vacuum sealing tips and tricks, including a ‘how to vacuum seal’ video. We hope you can use some of these tips over this year’s Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Use a Vacuum Sealer for Food Storage

You can vacuum seal leftovers in meal size portions for quick camp trips dinners or prepare quick meals on busy weeknights. You can then stack the vacuum sealed bags like books on a shelf in the freezer and save storage. When you need them, just open the bag and heat up the contents.

You can also vacuum seal fresh meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and bulk dry goods, such as nuts, dried fruit, herbs and spices, coffee or flour to extend their shelf life. It will stay fresh for longer and there will be no nasty freezer burn.

TIP: Vacuum seal your Christmas cookies or cakes and give them to your family and friends. They will stay fresh for longer.

vacuum sealed meat

Use a Vacuum Sealer to Reseal Chips and Nuts

If you would like to keep the crunch in your chips or nuts, use the Seal Only function on you vacuum sealer to reseal open packets of chips, crackers or nuts (both Pac Food vacuum sealers – VS105 and VS603 have this function). This will keep them fresh for longer (please note that the vacuum function would break or crush your chips and crackers), especially under humid conditions.

TIP: Pre-pack your snacks into small portions for school or work lunches.

vacuum sealed nuts

Use a Vacuum Sealer to Save Storage Space

Vacuum seal everything from tablecloths, place mats to sheets, blankets to keep that freshly washed smell as well as save space. You can also vacuum seal out of season clothes, first-aid items –such as bandages and gauze. Keep matches (and other things) dry when fishing or camping. You can also vacuum seal important documents to prevent possible water damage or mildew should your pipes burst or in the event of a flood.

TIP: Vacuum seal spare clothes if you’re going fishing or boating.

vacuum sealed first aid kit

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