Tray Sealers

Tray Sealers

Pac Food, in partnership with a leading machine manufacturer in Australia, has introduced a range of manual tray sealers. From the compact 171 x 127mm to the larger 325 x 265mm sizes, covering both CPET and Lined Sugarcane trays, we offer lidding solutions for the most common tray sizes in Australia.

These tray sealers are highly sought-after by smaller kitchens and serve as reliable backups for larger ones, making them a popular and dependable choice for sealing your trays.

Inexpensive yet able to do a profile cut (neatly around the trays) these sealers will make your product look very presentable.

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At a Glance

  • Our easy to use tray sealers suit the low volume kitchen
  • Inexpensive, yet very efficient sealing solution
  • Enables every size kitchen to distribute film sealed trays
  • Very short heat up time, ready in minutes
  • Once ready to go, the sealer will not lose heat and you can continuously use the machine
  • Profile cut, neatly around the tray
  • Seals an average 6-8 trays per minute

We offer tray sealing machines suitable not only for Eko Pak Trays but also for Lined Sugarcane and CPET trays. Our trays sealers unfortunately don’t offer MAP options so all the film that has to be used is low barrier.