Core Temperature Valves

Core Temperature Valves

One of Pac Food’s most revolutionary products is our Core Temperature Valve!

This innovation is for kitchens running a cook chill process or working with sous vide cooking. HACCP approved temperature checking means folding a bag over and measuring the temperature in the fold. This is not an accurate way of temperature measuring, but there was simply no better alternative. Until now …

This idea comes from one of the world’s largest airline caterers and we are very happy to cooperate with them marketing this amazing invention.

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At a Glance

  • European invention
  • Cook chill and sous vide need accurate temperatures
  • Measuring “in the fold” of a bag is not accurate
  • Pac Food Core Temperature Valve closes after piercing
  • Will keep vacuum
  • Will not compromise shelf life
  • Samples available

Accurate temperature reading

The revolutionary new Pac Food Core Temperature Valve allows accurate temperature reading of your food by allowing the probe thermometer to be inserted into the centre of the food, while in the bag. The valve does not compromise the seal of the bag, but does allow temperatures to be read accurately. Folding of the bag or using an infra-red gauge will only measure the surface temperature; the centre of the product will be most probably be at a marked difference.