Sauce Cups

Sauce Cups

Eko Pak Sauce cups have a versatile range of uses in both domestic and commercial settings. Our eco-friendly cups are commonly utilized for serving various sauces such as mayonnaise, ketchup, soy sauce etc. Their sturdy construction makes them suitable for both hot and cold sauces, making them ideal for catering events, picnics, parties, and takeaway services.

Additionally, their round shape allows for efficient packing and stacking, optimizing storage space in kitchens and food service establishments. Moreover, these cups are compostable aligning with sustainable practices and reducing environmental impact compared to traditional plastic or foam containers.

The superiority of sugarcane cups lies in their material composition and durability. Made from the pulp of sugarcane stalks, these cups are renewable and home compostable, contributing to a greener planet.

Furthermore, their heat resistance makes them microwave-safe, offering convenience for reheating leftovers. Overall, sugarcane sauce cups offer a practical and eco-friendly solution for serving sauces while promoting sustainability and reducing plastic waste.


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  • unbleached sugarcane pulp also known as bagasse
  • PFAS Free, ABA approved and Home Compostable
  • microwave safe
  • fridge / freezer safe
  • Ovenable up to 180 Degrees for 15 mins
  • perfect for food delivery services and takeaways
  • best prices and service
  • Sponsored freight from 3 boxes


Sauces such as

  • soy
  • sweet chilli
  • tomato,
  • barbecue,
  • mayonnaise,
  • aioli
  • wasabi
  • and so much more