Stand Up Pouch And Liquids


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Soup in the stand up pouch

The winter is here and with it the soup season. Who doesn’t love a hearty, warming and nutritious bowl of soup on a cold winter’s night, right? As you might have noticed, more and more products are now packaged in the stand up pouch, especially liquids such as soups, sauces, curries. That’s because food manufactures (and retailers) have identified the benefits of using stand up pouches instead of the old metal cans.

The pouches, for example, are cheaper to transport than heavy cans, they are also easier to open requiring no tools such as a can opener. They can also be resealed with a zip lock to maintain freshness. Stand up pouches are also great to take on camping or fishing trips, or perfect for work lunch.






stand up pouchStand up pouch vs canned food

Another great reason to buy your products in a stand up pouch rather than in a can is the that you can return to the product numerous times without worrying that it will become contaminated or stale. The zip lock pouch also allows the consumer to push the air out in the package prior to re-sealing it. This creates a space-saving pouch that is easy to fit anywhere – in the fridge, backpack, pantry, etc.

Some pouches can also be microwaved for the perfect quick dinner or lunch! Plus the contents taste better from a pouch than a metal can.



Pac Food’s Stand Up Pouch

Pac Food’s stand up (zipper pouches) are suitable for all contents such as dry food or liquids. They are ideal for seeds & nuts, spices, soups, sauces and so much more. These pouches are available with or without a zip lock.
Stand up pouches have a high micron thickness and are manufactured from 3 layers of plastic which provides improved stand up stability and barrier. The stronger barrier means longer shelf life. They can be hot or cold filled.
Other features include: rounded corners, zip lock for re-closing and tear notches.
They are a great product that is becoming more and more popular all over the world and Pac Food is very proud to offer the best quality pouches in Australia.



minestrone soup


Finally, we have a treat for you – a simple recipe for a delicious Minestrone soup by Jamie Oliver to help you get through these cold nights.

Please note: The stand up pouches are not designed to be vacuum sealed, but heat sealed only.