Sustainable Packaging for Food

Pac Food, Australia’s leading food packaging supplier, is proud to launch EKO PAK – an entirely new range of sustainable packaging for food.

We all know how detrimental plastic can be for the environment and while Pac Food has always strived to make environmentally-friendly products, it hasn’t always been possible due to the constraints of food storage techniques such as vacuum sealing and extending the shelf life of food.

That said, we’ve been determined to put more of a focus into the planet this year and we are excited to launch our new range of premium biodegradable and compostable food packaging options including round bowls, square bowls, rectangle trays and clamshells.

What is sustainable food packaging?

Food packaging which is sustainable is developed from materials which have been sourced responsibly, to ensure natural resources aren’t depleted in the process.

Therefore, these products have a reduced environmental impact and help to maintain ecological balance.

What makes EKO PAK products sustainable?

Most items in our EKO PAK range are made from a sugarcane by-product known as bagasse. This is the fibrous residue or pulp which remains once the sugar cane has been crushed.

EKO PAK’s full range is made from bagasse and are completely natural, as well as rapidly renewable.

Browse our full range here.

Who can benefit from our environmentally-friendly packaging?

Restrictions brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic saw a dramatic upturn in takeaways and deliveries for many Australian hospitality businesses.

Our sustainable food packing solutions are ideal for:

  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Markets
  • Festivals
  • Stadiums
  • Food Courts
  • Uber Eats/Deliveroo

Sustainable Packaging for Food

Sustainable food packaging is the right choice for the planet, especially when the demand for takeaways and deliveries continues to skyrocket.

Reach out to our team today on 1800 823 200 to learn more about our environmentally-friendly food packaging solutions.