The main purpose of vacuum sealing food is to remove the oxygen from the food, using vacuum bag. This preserves the food contents longer. Oxygen is one of the main reasons why food spoils, because bacteria and mould grow when there’s oxygen in their environment. 

So how do vacuum sealers work?

  1. Firstly, a vacuum bag (also known as food vacuum bags, cryovac bags, ) filled with the required food is placed into the vacuum machine and the air is sucked from the bag.
  2. Once the air is removed from the vaccum bag, it is heat sealed, a great way to ensure the bag is sealed correctly..
  3. The heat sealer melts the plastic closed , providing a very strong seal 

Advantages of using a Pac Food vacuum seal machine is :

Pac Food vacuum sealers are great for keeping your food fresh for longer, reducing food waste and preserving vitamins, minerals, colour and flavour.