3 Products to Help Make Christmas Food Preparation Easier

We understand that planning a Christmas feast for your loved ones can be overwhelming and stressful – but it doesn’t have to with Pac Food’s range to help lighten the Christmas Food preparation load. 

In this blog, we reveal 3 handy products to save you time and money in the kitchen – and ensure that your Christmas meal is full of flavour and one to remember.

Plus, there’s no need to let your leftovers go to waste, our range includes commercial grade food storage products to safely store food for longer. 

Ideas for Prepping Christmas Dinner

  1. Cook chill bags

If pasta sauces or other wet dishes, like soups, are on your Christmas menu, then our cook chill bags are ideal because they’re specifically designed to increase the shelf life of wet dishes.

That means you can plan ahead and have your meal partly ready in advance.

Our bags are:

  • Available in a range of sizes – 1-10 litres
  • Allow you to cook in bulk
  • Durable (115-micron thickness) and have an extra barrier

Find out more about the Cook Chill bags and process here.

  •  Food prep bags

There can be a lot to plan when it comes to festive feasts, but you can make that process a whole lot easier and less stressful with our food prep bags.

Loved by commercial kitchens, these are also super handy in the home when you’re catering for a bigger group and don’t want to spend the whole day in the kitchen!

Prep meals or ingredients as a meal serve in advance, seal and refrigerate. Then simply cook when you’re ready.

Learn more about our food prep bags here.

  • PanSaver Ovenable Pan Liners

If you’ve been assigned with cooking the baked ham or roast, or you need to prep a lasagne, pasta bake or vegetables in a pan, then our PanSaver Ovenable Panliners will significantly cut down your cleaning time and improve the quality of your food.

You’ll love them because:

  • They keep moisture in the pans and thus improve the quality and taste of your meal,
  • No more “baked-on” and “burnt-on” food left on pots and pans,
  • Saves water and energy as minimal cleaning is required,
  • Easy way to store leftovers.

Shop pan liners here.

Christmas Leftovers: How to Keep them Fresher for Longer

While not all foods can be vacuum sealed after being cooked, some vegetables and meat products can be.

We find that some of the most popular meals to be portioned, sealed and then consumed at a later date are roast turkey and seafood, including prawns and lobster.

VS 105 And Vacuum Sealing Bags

Our VS 105 is our domestic vacuum sealing machine to extend the shelf life of your food.

It’s an out of chamber machine for small to medium home use, that will only work with domestic channel bags and rolls.

Find out more about the VS 105 here.

Christmas Food Preparation: Planning Ahead with Pac Food

While the festive season is filled with love, laughter and good food, it can be stressful to plan Christmas meals.  But it doesn’t have to be when you’ve got Pac Food products to help with your Christmas meal prep so you get to spend more time with family and friends.

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