3 Uses for Ready Meal CPET Containers

In this article we talk about the different uses and application of our new product – CPET trays, also called CPET containers. Because the trays are so versatile, they are being used more and more not just in Australia, but all over the world. Being ovenable, freezable, microwavable AND recyclable, there is a big demand for CPET’s.

How are CPET containers used?

  1. Airline catering

This is the most popular use for CPET containers. The trays are pre-prepared days earlier large quantities, sealed for freshness and stored fresh or frozen, then simply heated or cooked and ready to serve!

  1. Meals on Wheels services

Another common CPET application where the food is divided into the tray’s compartments, sealed and delivered to the consumer who then heats up the meal in the oven or microwave. The trays are extremely easy to use and their purpose is to make the consumer’s life that little bit easier.

  1. Hospital Meal Service

An easy solution for the elderly or unwell consumer. The trays are easy to handle, there is no preparation or washing up needed. The film is easy to peel and no tools such as knives or scissors are required to open the tray.

CPET containers are becoming more and more popular and you can also find a lot of them in the cold or frozen section of your local supermarket.

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Would you like to see how CPET trays are sealed? Watch the video HERE.