CPET Trays Now Available at Pac Food

Pac Food is delighted to introduce a new product from their extensive range; the CPET trays.

We are the first distributor of the German made trays using only the best quality materials. These trays are recyclable which is what Pac Food strives for – to make environmentally friendly food packaging products wherever possible.

What are CPET Trays?

CPET containers are the most versatile option of the ready meal concept. Meals can be kept frozen and heated when ready. They are suitable for a wide range of cuisines, food styles and applications. They have been tested for a few years now with great results and they have become very popular with food manufacturers as well as the consumer. You can find CPET trays in every supermarket in the cold or frozen section; or if you’re on a long haul flight, your food will be most likely served in one of these trays.

CPET trays selection

What are the Features of CPET Trays?

CPET trays are freezable, ovenable and microwavable, with temperature range from -40°C to +220°C.

The CPET range has many advantages and features that make it superior to other materials, specifically the glossy attractive finish, good barrier properties, various sizes and shapes, good sealing properties, leak proof seal, vast range of temperatures and last but not least – recyclability.

Have You Got CPET Trays in Stock?

CPET containers are now readily accessible for the customer and Pac Food offers seven tray sizes from their standard stock, with many more sizes and shapes available for custom orders.  Pac Food also stocks the lidding film for the whole CPET range which is also fully recyclable.