4 Things to Consider When Buying Vacuum Sealing Bags 

Here’s our expert list on the 4 Things to Consider When Buying Vacuum Sealing Bags – no matter whether you’re just starting to experiment with vacuum sealing food packaging, or you’ve done it before – you may just pick up a new vacuum sealing tip or trick from this blog!

We’ve said it before, but the vacuum sealer is one of the best inventions you could use at home. The uses are endless! But you also need to consider what size vacuum sealing bag or roll will work best for you.

How to choose the right vacuum sealing bags 

1. Micro vs. embossed micro  

Micro Channel bags and rolls are 85 micron thick which means they are perfect for vacuum sealing products meats, vegetables, fish, nuts, seeds and much more.  

Embossed Micro Channel bags and rolls are slightly thicker (100 micron) and stronger and are perfect to use with sharper items such as bony meats or for extending the shelf life of food for longer. 

2. Decide on quantity 

Decide how many portions do you want in each bag. Are you cooking for two or a family of five, are you a business looking for whats to store your food or are you prepping meals in advance for a party or camping trip? 

You can select anywhere between 100 bags or 1000 bags so depending on what you are looking at using these bags for determines how many bags you would purchase. 

If you are cooking for a family you would look at only getting 100 bags and purchasing more later on. 

If you are a small business it would be convenient to buy the bags in large bulk amounts to save time of having to order when you run out.  

3. Do I need a bag or a roll?

Vacuum Sealing Rolls

Micro Channel Rolls and Embossed Micro Channel Rolls give you the flexibility to create your own custom size bags. The rolls come in 3 widths: 150mm, 220mm and 280mm. 

Vacuum Sealing Bags

Do you want to vacuum seal different things with varied sizes – measure a few different items and decide which bag size you will be using the most (tip: start large as it is easier to make the bag smaller) 

Micro and Embossed Micro bags come in set sizes making it easier for you to just seal the food and store away. 

Don’t forget to measure the item you intend to vacuum seal (tip: don’t forget to add a couple of centimetres on each side to ensure you have enough space to fit the food in)

4. What size bag I need?

Both the micro and embossed micro bags are available in 5 different sizes

  • 150mm x 200mm – sealing pocket size snacks such as trail mix or nuts 
  • 165mm x 250mm – sealing small fish fillets, smaller cuts of meat 
  • 200mm x 300mm – sealing pre-portioned lasagne, and vegetables 
  • 250mm x 350mm – sealing leftovers (eg. Pasta dishes), 1kg of flour or coffee 
  • 280mm x 400mm – sealing large fish fillets or whole dishes 

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