How to Vacuum Seal Fish

Want to vacuum seal fish but not sure how or why you should be doing it? The benefits of vacuum sealing are multi-fold, read on for Pac Food’s simple steps for preserving your prized catch. 

Are you a keen fisherman or fisherwoman? Do you tend to catch more fish than you can eat? Not sure how to best store bulk fresh fish? It’s well worth vacuum sealing your hard earned catch to prevent it from going to waste.

How long does vacuum sealed fish last?

Vacuum sealed catch can last in the freezer for up to two years if done correctly. The air is completely removed from the bag so no bacteria can grow and there will be no freezer burn either. That’s definitely a great reason to start vacuum sealing.

What do you need to vacuum seal fish?

You will need the following equipment to correctly vacuum seal fish:

How to vacuum seal fish

  1. Portion and clean your fish.
  2. Place it on a cookie sheet/baking tray, cover with plastic wrap and quick freeze it overnight.
  3. Remove the fish the next day and decide on your desired portion sizes.
  4. Place the individual portions in micro channel bags or rolls and vacuum seal them.

You can also use the above described method for vacuum sealing meat, poultry and seafood.

vacuum-sealing-sfish vacuum sealing whole fish

Top tips for vacuum sealing fish


Vacuum sealing a fish or meat that isn’t pre-frozen can be very difficult due to the moisture it contains. The juices can get pulled into the vacuum sealer which may cause the machine to stop working. If the micro channel bag has moisture on the sealing end, the seal might fail and the fish won’t be vacuum sealed correctly (which causes freezer burn as the air gets in the bag). Always make sure the area where the seal will be is completely dry (2-3 inches from the top of the bag). This way you will always get a strong seal and no air will get in the bag.

Pat dry fish before vacuum sealing

Another way of successfully vacuum sealing your catch is to dry fresh fillets with paper towel before vacuum sealing them.

Label your fish with the date

Don’t forget to label every package! Include what’s in the bag as most fish or meat look similar when vacuum sealed and also include the date of freezing. This way you can always use the first in, first out system to ensure freshness.

To find out more about fishing, visit the Australian Fishing Online.

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