Australia’s Plastic Ban Update

As you might know the state leaders have decided to apply plastic bans and pending by state and timelines independent of one another. The What, When and How is variable. Which is why for many, this subject remains a confusing topic.

There are two consistent messages from our state leaders:

  1. Agreeing that the right thing to do is to phase out plastics.
  2. Fines will apply to businesses who do not comply with the state’s restrictions.

We’ll continue to do our best to help by informing you of the changes along the way. For this month’s newsletter, we include the links to your local state government sites specifically addressing all topics and timelines regarding the phasing out of plastics.  

Simply click on the links to read more:

QLD    NSW   VIC      SA       WA     TAS     NT       ACT  Avoid the fine and you can afford to buy more Eko Pak products. Or go on a holiday, or buy a new car, or anything you choose but don’t waste money on an avoidable fine