What Plastics are Banned or Getting Banned In Australia?

Are you confused about what plastics (single use) are banned or will soon be banned?

Hopefully this edition of the EKOpak newsletter will help shed some light on the categories that have been phased out or will be phased out by each Australian jurisdiction. We have also taken the opportunity to identify the categories our Eko Pak range is able to offer as a certified alternative.

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This Month’s Spotlight

Our Eko Pak straws are smooth, strong and best of all, will not go soggy before you finish your drink. Just give us a call and speak with Bec, our global straw snob! During the Foodservice Australia event held in Sydney last month, it became very apparent that not any straw would do! But our Eko Pak straw withstood the most stringent clinical test, known as the “Bec test”

We offer these in two formats:

Code: 560 – 200x8mm, 2,500 individually wrapped straws per carton ($0.07/straw)

Code: 561 – 200x8mm, 2,500 loose packed straws per carton ($0.06/straw)