Recyclable Piping Bags and How to Use Them

Pac Food is proud to offer the first and only recyclable piping bags in Australia. Not only are they disposable, environmentally friendly, but are also anti slip, blue in colour (to be distinctive), heavy duty and very competitively priced.

Pac Food’s recyclable icing bags won the “best new bakery product” at Fine Foods Australia in 2013.


Aside from icing, piping bags are commonly used to shape meringue and whipped cream, and to fill doughnuts with jelly or custard. They are used to form cream puffs, éclairs, and ladyfingers.

They are sometimes called icing, decorating or cream bags.

Some of our customers in the building industry use our disposable piping bags to pipe mortar.

Please don’t confuse cream bags with piping bags. As the name already says, cream bags are made for piping cream and other soft substances. If you would like to pipe thick chocolate, ganache or hot fillings, you need bags that are heavy duty and won’t break just like our recyclable decorating piping bags. They come in a handy dispenser box and are really easy to use.


Pac Food piping bags



The easiest way of filling an icing bag is to attach the desired tip/nozzle, then fit the empty bag point-down into a glass jar. Then you can wrap the wide end of the piping bag over the mouth of the jar like a cuff and then simply spoon your ingredient into the bag.

Piping or decorating tips or nozzles come in dozens of different shapes and sizes. As you can imagine, the tip used to write messages atop a cake is probably not the same tip you would want to use to swirl a rose of frosting on a cupcake.


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