Cooking With Vacuum Sealing Bags

Cooking with Vacuum Sealing Bags (Channel Bags):

Sous-vide, which is French for “under vacuum” is a method of cooking that is intended to maintain the integrity of ingredients by heating them for an extended period of time at relatively low temperatures. It was developed by Georges Pralus in the mid-1970s. It uses vacuum sealing bags placed in hot water, which results in more flavourful and nutritious food because all the juices stay in the vacuum sealer bag. Sous-vide is used mainly in restaurants by professional cooks, but anyone can use this method of cooking.


Vacuum Sealing Bags Cooking and What you need:

Digital thermometer to make sure the water temperature is correct

Vacuum sealer and vacuum sealing bags or vacuum sealing rolls

Water bath or a pot of water on a stove (only if the cooking time is short)

Food (usually meat or fish)





Method for Sous-vide using Vacuum Sealing Bags:

Vacuum seal your preferred meat using a vacuum sealing machine / vacuum sealer.

Submerge the vacuum sealing bags completely in the water (sometimes they’ll float and you’ll have to weigh or pin them down), and don’t crowd them or let them overlap; you want maximum surface area exposed to water so that the food in the vacuum sealer bags cooks thoroughly.

It’s very important that the recipe is strictly followed. Pay careful attention to the ingredients and temperature.

Download the Sous Vide app on your phone or tablet – this can be very helpful to determine the exact temperature and time for the meat to be the most flavoursome, tender and juicy.

When the sous vide process is finished, you might want to char grill your meat to add a bit of colour and smokiness.

The end result is a very juicy, tender and tasteful piece of fish or meat, prepared using Pac Food’s vacuum sealer and vacuum sealing bags.



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