Coffee Beans Storage

Do you live for your morning coffee? Or do you own a café? If you said yes, then this blog about coffee beans storage is a must-read.

Vacuum sealing is a great way to save money in the kitchen and boost the shelf life of food as the airtight packaging keeps the moisture out. And good news – this applies to your favourite coffee beans as well!

In this blog we share:

  • A guide to vacuum sealing coffee beans and ground coffee
  • How long it’s expected to last once vacuum sealed. 

Plus, we’ve also included a review from a happy Pac Food customer who uses our vacuum sealing bags to store their beans. 

Vacuum Seal Coffee Beans : A Step-By-Step Guide 

At Pac Food, we are proud to be known as an industry leader when it comes to vacuum sealing machines and bags. 

Both of our domestic machines – the VS 105 and the VS 603 – can be used to vacuum seal your beans. 

Step 1: Preparation. 

The first step is to decide how you want your coffee beans stored, either whole or ground. 

If you decide on the latter, grind the beans in preparation for vacuum sealing. 

Here’s the equipment you’ll need to complete the vacuum sealing process: 

  • Your preferred vacuum sealing machine, and 
  • Micro channel vacuum sealing bags or create customised bags with a micro channel roll.  

Step 2: Fill Bag. 

Place your bag on the scales and fill with coffee. That way you can take note of the weight prior to sealing. 

Expert tip: Do not pack the bag to the brim as you’ll need 1-2 inches of space at the top to vacuum seal it. 

Step 3: Vacuum Sealing Time! 

Now you’re ready to vacuum seal, simply place the open end of the bag on the heat-sealing section of the machine and hit start!

How Long Does Vacuum Packed Coffee Last 

Coffee beans typically last about 4 weeks at room temperature in traditional storage. 

However, vacuum sealing them increases their shelf life significantly and you can expect to get about 16 months if sealed correctly. 

Learn more about the benefits of vacuum sealing coffee in our blog here

Vacuum Sealing Bags for Coffee Beans: Customer Review 

Many of our customers make the most of our vacuum sealing machines and bags to extend the shelf life of their coffee. 

Here’s a review from one of them:

I took a chance and tried these vacuum seal bags, and was pleased!

I used the small ones for storing individual coffee bean doses in my freezer. I am re-uping more now, for even more coffee storage.

Now I have the freshest, tastiest coffee at home.

Thank you Pac Food!

Rohan R.

Coffee Beans Storage

It doesn’t matter if you’re a restaurant or café owner, or a coffee aficionado, we can help you boost the shelf life of your beans. 

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