Coffee Vacuum Sealer

On the hunt for the best coffee vacuum sealer? Whether you’re looking for a short or long term storage solution to preserve the integrity of your favourite coffee beans, or ground coffee – our vacuum sealer is the answer.

Pac Food is proud to be Australia’s leading supplier of high quality vacuum sealing bags, rolls and vacuum sealer machines.

We have two vacuum sealing machines that are ideal for sealing and storing coffee beans:

Depending on your needs and frequency of use, these two machines have slightly different features, but both work equally well keeping your coffee sealed in airtight packaging.

How to vacuum seal coffee

Our vacuum sealer machines are super simple to use; it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1:

Ensure you have a vacuum sealer ready to go, and either a vacuum sealing bag or vacuum sealing roll (cut and sealed to create a custom sized bag).

Decide how you will seal and store your favourite brew – whole beans or ground. If ground, ensure this is completed before moving to the next step.

Step 2:

Pop your vacuum sealing bag on to a set of kitchen scales and weigh your coffee as you pour it into the bag until you’ve reached the desired amount. Don’t forget to leave an inch or two at the top so you can vacuum seal the bag.

Step 3:  

When ready to seal, place the two open edges of the bag together and place (lay the bag down) over the heat sealing band on the vacuum seal machine.

Benefits of vacuum sealing coffee

  1. Save money by bulk buying and vacuum sealing
  2. Extend the shelf life of your favourite brew – our airtight packaging keeps moisture out of your coffee beans or ground coffee
  3. Airtight retail packaging – use our coffee vacuum sealer and vacuum sealing bags or rolls to package up and sell your own brand of coffee. We know of a few Vacuum Sealing Bags customers who sell food product sealed in our bags and rave about the quality.

Coffee Vacuum Sealer

Whether you run a café, retail outfit, or simply consider yourself a coffee aficionado who relies on their morning caffeine hit – it’s worth looking into vacuum sealing your coffee beans.

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