Vacuum Packaging Guide

Read Pac Food’s Vacuum Packaging Guide and find out why vacuum sealing can be useful in your household. We’re big believers that the Vacuum Sealer is one of the best inventions you could use at home – and once you try our high quality machines for yourself, you’ll wonder how you survived without one before!

With our range of vacuum sealing machines, bags and rolls – the sky is the limit.

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Why Vacuum Packaging?

  1. Food Maintains freshness and flavour as it does not come into contact with oxygen. Food will last up to 3 to 5 times longer than it will with conventional storage methods
  2. Freezer Burn is eliminated – Your food will no longer become dehydrated  from the contact it has with cold and dry air.
  3. Moist foods wont dry out – There is no air to absorb the moisture from your food, therefore it will not dry out.
  4. Dry, solid foods won’t go hard – There is no oxygen coming in contact with the fats of your food
  5. Insect infestation is eliminated – Insects need oxygen to survive and as there is no oxygen in contact with the food
  6. Meat and fish can be quickly marinaded – As air is being removed from the sealing bag, the pores on meat and fish open up and allow the marinade to penetrate the food, marinading very quickly
  7. Food bills are reduced – Food will last longer and less food can be thrown away. This means that food can be bulk purchased (which can be cost effective) and then repackaged in our bags at home.

Why should I buy a Vacuum Sealer?

The benefits of vacuum sealing or vacuum packaging are very tangible! By having a vacuum sealer in your home and using it regularly, you can expect:

  1. Cost savings by buying in bulk
  2. Less food wastage
  3. Hassle free mid week meals

Why choose Pac Food?

  1. Best Quality Vacuum Sealing Products in Australia 
  2. Exceptional Customer Service 
  3. In-stock Guarantee  

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