Family Meal Prep Made Easy Australia

For family meal prep made easy, there’s no one better than Pac Food!

It’s no secret that planning your weekly menu in advance can save you time and money. That’s why we wanted to run you through some of our best items to help with meal preparation and food storage.

Our food packaging solutions are second to none, reliable and competitively priced.

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Products to Help with Meal Planning for Busy Families

If you’re trying to save time and money by scheduling your weekly meals and cooking in advance, Pac Food has the product range to make it a breeze.

Have you considered vacuum sealing food to extend shelf life?

Well, it’s especially helpful when you’ve got fussy eaters and need to prepare a range of meals to satisfy everyone.

Our vacuum sealing machines can help to keep your food fresh for 3 to 5 times longer!

Using these items in your food preparation process means you’ll be able to buy in bulk – saving busy households money and time.

Other reasons to try vacuum sealing include:

  • Freezer burn is prevented
  • Insect infestations are avoided
  • Your moist food won’t dry out and your solid food won’t go hard as oxygen is removed from inside the bag
  • Fish and meat can be marinated quickly

For more information about vacuum sealing at home, check out our blog here.

·         VS305 Vacuum Sealer

Our VS305 Vacuum sealer is our number 1 best seller and is ideal for medium to heavy duty use at home.

The machine has a solid stainless-steel body, as well as a powerful dual piston pump and a built-in cooling fan.  You can also see what’s going on inside the machine when it’s vacuuming because of its clear perspex lid.

It also comes with a 1-year warranty on all parts.

·         Micro Channel Bags – 

Pac Food’s Micro Channel bags and rolls come in a range of sizes and are designed to work with every brand of vacuum sealer on the market.

Importantly, they are strong (85 micron), foodsafe and BPA free so you can be comfortable using them to store food for every member of your family.

·         Embossed Micro Channel Rolls –

Our embossed micro channel bags and rolls also work with all brands of vacuum sealers, and they’re great for sous vide and meat, including fish, with bones.

The normal micro channel bags are strong and 85 micron, but the embossed ones are made from thicker plastic (100 micron) for even longer shelf life. They’ll also vacuum faster than the standard option.

Family Meal Prep Made Easy Australia

Pac Food is here to help your family meal prep with our affordable and (where possible) environmentally-friendly food packaging solutions!

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