Food Packaging Supplies Wholesale

When you want to buy food packaging supplies wholesale, that are exceptional quality and environmentally friendly, EKO PAK should be at the top of your list.

EKO PAK, is a sustainable and compostable range of takeaway containers, which has been developed by Pac Food – one of the best food packaging companies in the country.

If you choose EKO PAK products you will not only benefit from the experience and the best customer services that we have developed at Pac Food, but you will also be able to take advantage of our unique shipping incentives.

Food Packaging Australia : Why opt for EKO PAK

The EKO PAK range has suitable takeaway packaging options for a range of food, including burritos, soups, salads, burgers, gyoza, hot dogs, fish and chips and so much more!

Buying our biodegradable tableware in bulk has many benefits.

  1. Affordable and efficient delivery:

We have several warehouses across  Australia and NZ and guarantee affordable and efficient delivery for our customers.

  1. 3-box free shipping:

If you order three or more boxes of our products, we offer free shipping to many metro areas.

  1. Sponsored rural shipping:

For businesses in rural areas, we also have special sponsored shipping, because we want everyone to have access to our sustainable takeaway containers at an affordable price.

  1. Special pricing for larger orders:

If your order totals more than $1000, we are able to apply special pricing as well.

Food Packaging Supplies Wholesale

If you want to place an order or learn more about our food packaging solutions, please reach out to us today by calling 1800 823 200, or send an email to info@pacfood.com.au.

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EKO PAK is a range of environmentally-friendly food packaging solutions, developed by Pac Food.

Our exciting EKO PAK products are made from sugarcane pulp and are certified compostable. They are also sturdy, stackable, unbranded and affordable – which makes them ideal for food delivery services, food trucks, stadiums, festivals and all businesses which offer takeaway food.

Pac Food is an Australian food packaging company with an outstanding reputation for the best service and quality every time. Our Eko Pak range has an enticing unique shipping incentive.

Start shopping and discover our 3 box free shipping to many destinations and our sponsored rural shipping. Get in touch with us now by calling 1800 823 200 or send us an online enquiry here and do your part for the planet!