Portable Food Vacuum Sealer

Storing your food products and keeping them fresher for longer is made even easier with a portable food vacuum sealer from Pac Food.

We have the answers you’re looking for in quality food storage solutions for both commercial and domestic kitchens, with the bonus of being able to significantly extend the shelf life of your food.

Adding a food vacuum sealer to your kitchen benchtop may just be the best decision you make when it comes to cooking and food preparation.

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Purchasing a Vacuum Sealer

If you love cooking, are big on food prep or you like to play with fancy kitchen gadgets, you have come to the right place.

At Pac Food we have two vacuum sealers that are great for home use (or portable for commercial kitchens) and will fit perfectly on to your kitchen bench.

The VS100 is one of the strongest vacuum packaging systems available. It conveniently sits on your benchtop measuring in at 39x16x8.5cm (LxWxH); has a lightweight compact design at just 1.9kg and is great for small to moderate use.

The VS305 also features a strong and compact design measuring 45x35x19 cm (LxWxH) and 10kg in weight. It is suitable for small production processes and medium to heavy duty use at home. One of the highlights is you can watch what is going on while it vacuum seals through the clear Perspex lid.

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Where can you take your vacuum sealer?

The simple answer is pretty much anywhere you have a small amount of space to use it.

They are ideal for:

  • Fishing trips – Help preserve those freshly caught fish for even longer! The pulse function on the VS305 is ideal for controlling the amount of vacuum pressure which is useful on soft foods that may crush.
  • Caravan – especially if you’re doing a lap of Australia or longer trips! Vacuum sealing means you can make the most of your limited fridge/freezer space. We regularly deliver to caravan parks when people are travelling. Customers also order bags on the go, they usually supply the address of the caravan park they will be at next and can collect when they arrive.
  • Food vans/ food trailers at markets and events – vacuum seal on the spot.
  • Cafes – vacuum seal coffee beans, cookies, etc in front of house as well as back of house – move the vacuum sealer to wherever it’s needed.
  • Bars – vacuum seal lime/lemons and any other cocktail ingredient. Store vacuum sealer away when not needed.
  • Farms or those who do hunting infrequently and need to package all the meat can make the most of vacuum sealing rather than hire a butcher to take care of it.

Portable Food Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum seal your food products from the comfort of your own kitchen. Find out more by contacting Pac Food on 1800 823 200 or message us here. You can also purchase products through our online shop.


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