Stand Up Pouches

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Clear Stand Up Pouches and Ziplock Stand Up Pouches

You can rely on Pac Food for high quality Stand Up Pouches and Ziplock Stand Up Pouches.

One of Australia’s leading food packaging companies, Pac Food has developed a range of stand up pouches and stand up ziplock pouches that are very high in quality. In retail, stand up pouches need to stand out and that is why it is very important they stand up perfectly. By designing extra thick 3 layered pouches, having 3 different materials used in construction, we are sure these bags WILL stand out.

Our stand up (ziplock pouches) consist of PET/PA/PE making them suitable for all contents, including liquids. The high micron and extra barrier ensures extra shelf life.

Promote your products with Pac Food’s excellent range of stand up pouches

FAQ – How are Stand Up Pouches Sealed?  💡

If you are thinking they are vacuum sealed like many people, you would be wrong. All stand up pouches should be heat sealed only, above the tear notch. This includes our ziplock stand up pouches. If you vacuum them, it takes away the whole concept of it standing up! Pac Food also sells benchtop heat sealers and foot operated heat sealers.

Besides our normal range of stand up pouches, we can develop other sizes and packaging designs upon request. Explore our range of custom food packaging or contact us today.

Please note the pouch sizes are outside measurements.


  • Stand up pouches with or without ziplock
  • Includes PET for strength, PA for barrier
  • High micron for better stability
  • Suitable for liquids and hot fill
  • Suitable for microwave when pierced
  • Rounded corners and tear notch on all
  • Stand up pouch: 150ml, 500ml, 1000ml and 2500ml
  • Ziplock Stand up zip: 250ml (NEW) 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml and 2000ml
  • Excellent quality / safely packed
  • Quick delivery time
  • Best prices and service!

* * Please note: if you are wanting Zip Stand Up Pouch please select the ZIP sizes from the drop-down options

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100 x 170mm – 150ml, 140 x 210mm – 500ml, 195 x 270mm – 1000ml, 285 x 310mm – 2500ml, ZIP 120 x 190mm – 250ml, ZIP 140 x 210mm – 500ml, ZIP 160 x 230mm – 750ml, ZIP 195 x 270mm – 1000ml, ZIP 220 x 310mm – 2000ml


100, 1000, 2000, 250, 50, 500