Round Takeaway Containers

It doesn’t matter if your café or restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch or dinner – our round takeaway containers are a great option to hold and transport your delicious meals.  

At EKO PAK, we currently stock three (3) sizes of round bowls – 800ml, 1000ml and 1200ml.  

Keep reading as we share some examples of how you can use our round bowls, or if you’re ready to place an order please reach out to us here, or call 1800 823 200 


Breakfast Takeaway Containers  

EKO PAK’s round containers are perfect for breakfast menu items, including: 

  • Acai bowls, 
  • Muesli, and  
  • Fruit salads.  


breakfast in round bowl

fruit salad round bowl


Lunch Takeaway Containers 

Our round bowls work equally well for restaurants offering takeaway at lunch times, and are proving very popular with businesses serving Asian cuisine, such as: 

  • Stir-fries, 
  • Laksa, 
  • Curries, and 
  • Noodles. 

These bowls are also great for takeaway cold salads, including garden salads, Caesar salads and Greek salads.  


lunch round bowl

stir fry in round bowl


Dinner Takeaway Containers 

Dinner meals which work well in our round bowls are similar to lunchtime offerings and would include: 

  • Hot and cold salads,  
  • Pastas, and 
  • Asian cuisines, including fried rice, noodle soups, curries and more!  


dinner round bowl 1   

dinner round bowl 2

Compostable Bowls with Lids 

The versatility of EKO PAK’s round bowls is one of their biggest drawcards.  

They are also home compostable and great value for money.  

Our “one size fits all” lid is compatible with all sizes of round bowl, making it nice and easy for ordering.  


Round Takeaway Containers 

Need round takeaway containers which are sturdy, stackable and environmentally friendly? Call EKO PAK today to place an order or send us a message online here 


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EKO PAK is a range of environmentally-friendly food packaging solutions, developed by Pac Food.

Our exciting EKO PAK products are made from sugarcane pulp and are certified compostable. They are also sturdy, stackable, unbranded and affordable – which makes them ideal for food delivery services, food trucks, stadiums, festivals and all businesses which offer takeaway food.

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