Sugarcane Packaging Vs Paper Packaging

In our latest blog we explore the differences between sugarcane packaging and paper packaging products, so you can make an informed decision based on your business needs and values.

While products made from paper and the sugarcane by-product bagasse, look and feel similar, their main differences lie in the way the materials are grown and produced.

Not only is sugarcane food packaging a much better alternative than plastic, there’s also quite a big difference in volume of raw product required between paper vs sugarcane food packaging.

We’ll start our article by delving into sugarcane or bagasse containers, as that’s what our compostable tableware range is made from.

Sugarcane or Bagasse Packaging

At EKO PAK, we use Bagasse to create our environmentally friendly containers.

Once sugarcane or sorghum stalks have been crushed and the juice extracted, Bagasse is the fibrous pulpy residue that’s left behind.

We use bagasse because:

  • It’s a rapidly renewable resource
  • It’s resilient
  • It breaks down very quickly (less than two months) to create compost

EKO PAK’s product range is incredibly sturdy and has many applications for hospitality businesses, so we’re confident you’ll find a product solution that fits your needs.

Learn more about our eco-friendly packaging solutions here.

Paper Packaging for Food

The most notable difference between paper packaging and Bagasse packaging is that material used in paper packaging is derived from trees, as opposed to sugarcane.

When comparing the volume of raw product required to manufacture both options:

  • 1500kgs of bagasse can produce 1000kg of pulp, whereas
  • 5000kgs of wood is needed to create the same amount (1000kg)

In our opinion, this is a compelling reason to look for food packaging options that come from fast-growing renewable resources with a smaller footprint on the planet.

Sugarcane Packaging Vs Paper Packaging

If you’d like to learn more about our sugarcane packaging tableware range, or the differences between the two types of materials and how they’re used, please reach out to us today.

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