Tips For Eco-Friendly Takeaway and Food trucks

The COVID-19 Pandemic has ushered in a new age for the hospitality sector, with southern restaurateurs forced to operate nearly entirely as take-out restaurants. This one-of-a-kind mix of circumstances has resulted in five-star restaurants putting their meals into take-out containers for the first – but probably not the final – time. According to a survey by Restaurant Business, sales of these restaurants and companies increased by a startling 2.5 percent when compared to the pre-covid period.

With take-out food becoming a mainstay for most restaurants in a post-covid world, many businesses are focusing on how they will present their product to customers – you can’t plate up a dish all fancy when it’s going into a box, but you can make sure the box leaves a positive impression of your business.

EkoPak’s collection of 100 percent biodegradable and compostable packaging is ideal for your take-out menu. With single-use plastics restrictions being lobbied for and approved by governments all over the world, the time to future-proof your take-out orders is now!

Eko Pak’s range has a solution for almost every type of meal, from Aussie Classics like hot chips to compartmentalized bento boxes for Sushi Restaurants and Salad Bowls. Check out a few of the examples below:

Our Range in Action

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A healthy fruit salad in one our Round Bowls

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A delicious serving of Fish and Chips in one of our Clamshells

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A nice and rich asian stir fry in one of our Square Bowls

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Plastic Sushi Trays are out, Biodegradable Sushi Trays are in!

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Taco Tuesday served up in one of our Rectangle Trays