Why you should switch to bagasse Packaging today!

It’s doesn’t take a genius to realise the writing is on the wall for single-use plastics, and many establishments are now scrambling to ensure their business is up to code as new legislation is passed. 

We’re here to help you take the guesswork out of choosing your single-use plastic alternative – with many options on the market, from paper to recycled plastic, we thought we’d take the time to highlight the benefits of bagasse as an alternative to single-use plastic packaging.  

bagasse packaging is completely recyclable, vegan, viable, and environmentally beneficial. bagasse packaging is an excellent solution for the single-use plastic flatware commonly found in old-fashioned takeaway joints. 

Benefits of using bagasse based packaging 

bagasse Packaging makes a perfect replacement for single-use packaging made from other materials. There are various benefits to using this type of silverware. bagasse is a viable alternative that does not pollute the environment and composts rather quickly.

1. Eco-friendly

The environmental qualities of bagasse are the key reason why bagasse based packaging is gaining popularity and are often utilised by environmentally aware individuals and organisations. Bagasse, also known as sugarcane pulp, is a fibrous substance that is left over after the harvesting of sugarcane. It has a wide range of applications and is particularly useful in the foodservice packaging business as a sustainable alternative to standard plastic packaging.

2. Long-lasting

Bagasse packaging is very strong and long-lasting. bagasse is incredibly strong while being lightweight and stretchy. bagasse packaging is far more sturdy and long-lasting than paper utensils.

3. Dye and Scent Resistant

Bagasse is a dye, fragrance, and water-resistant material. 

4. Smooth Texture

bagasse packaging and containers have a smooth texture and will not develop an uneven or soggy texture.

5. Beautiful Look

Bagasse packaging gives a diversified, natural aesthetic to your kitchen, restaurant, or food truck, implying that your company is environmentally conscious.

Make the switch and try our range of 100% compostable packaging and food packaging today.