Vacuum Sealing Machines: New Pac Food Machines Have Arrived

Pac Food is excited to announce the arrival our upgraded and premium vacuum sealing machine. 

In this blog we take a look at our new semi-commercial machine the VS 603, which replaces our VS 305 vacuum sealer.

This machine is perfect for those who frequently vacuum seal food at home while also being ticking all the boxes for semi-commercial use.

We run through the VS603’s most enviable features in our blog below, but if you’ve got any specific questions which aren’t answered here please call Pac Food’s food packaging experts on 1800 823 200.

VS603: New Vacuum Sealer for Home Use

If you want to extend the shelf life of your food, reduce your household food waste, make food prep a breeze and maintain a healthy diet then vacuum sealing at home is a no brainer!

The process is made easier with our high-quality vacuum sealing machines, and we guarantee you definitely be disappointed with our latest equipment.

At a glance, here’s what you need to know about the VS 603.

  • Quick start/ seal only button found on handle grip
  • Durable body made from stainless steal
  • You can control vacuum pressure with its pulse function
  • It has a clear perspex lid so you can keep an eye on the progress 
  • Impulse seal function
  • Marinate mode
  • Powerful Dual piston pump
  • Not suitable for sealing liquids

With this model, there’s also the option to add on a roll holder and cutter box.

The micro channel rolls we create at Pac Food are Foodsafe and BPA free. Plus, they work with every brand of vacuum sealer.

Demonstration Video:

Vacuum Sealing Machine Price

The VS 603 will retail for $399 including GST + shipping.

The Roll Holder/ Cutter Box, which is an optional extra, retails for $25.90 including GST + shipping.

Vacuum Sealing Machines

When you’re searching for premium vacuum sealing machines, Pac Food should be your top choice!

View our domestic vacuum sealers here, or  give our friendly staff a call now on 1800 823 200 to discuss the most suitable food packaging solutions for you.


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