Vacuum Sealing Meals

Vacuum Sealing Meals is a beneficial, storage saving and stress-free alternative to preparing mid-week meals, food for camping trips or while travelling on the road, party catering and more.

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Vacuum Sealing Meals

Whether planning family meals, festive parties or lunch on-the-go, vacuum sealing can make food prep a lot easier! Here’s just some of the ways having a quality vacuum sealer machine and a range of vacuum sealing bags (or rolls) in pantry can help you:

  1. Create own frozen meals by batch cooking and freezing in advance
  2. Prepare for parties in advance by cooking dishes ahead and vacuum sealing until ready for use
  3. Prep a weeks worth of family lunches and dinners
  4. Cut fresh fruit smoothie ingredients and store together so you can quickly blend up a smoothie
  5. Bake homemade gifts for friends and family in advance and keep fresh until they are presented

Benefits of Vacuum Sealing Meals

  1. You are able to easily re heat food/meals that have been pre-made
  2. Prepping meals in advance and sealing them saves storage space in the fridge, freezer and cupboard
  3. Prepping meals in advance means that there is minimal prep to do while on the road or camping
  4. Vacuum Sealing Meals is a clean and tidy alternative.
  5. There is next to no cleaning up involved if the meals are prepped and sealed before you hit the road.

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