Vacuum Sealing Tips and Tricks

In this blog we’ve compiled our handy Vacuum Sealing Tips and Tricks guide.

With our huge range of range of vacuum sealing products – from vacuum sealing bags and rolls to quality vacuum sealer machines – we wanted to share a few insider tips to help you get the most out of your vacuum sealing equipment.

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Vacuum Sealing Tips and Tricks

1. Save Money and Portion Control

Buying bulk food can cost less than buying in smaller portions.

After purchasing Bulk products, you can take the food home and split it up into smaller portions and serving sizes in to retrospective bags.

The food can then be put in the freezer and stored and saved/used for a later time.

This also reduces food wastage as food is being protected and stored

2. How to choose the right Vacuum Sealing Bags

There are 4 things to consider when buying vacuum sealing bags.

  1. Do you need Micro Channel Bags (for sealing vegetables, nuts and more), or Embossed Micro Bags (recommended for bony meats)
  2. What quantity or volume do you wish to seal and store – how many portions do you want or need in each bag
  3. Choose between bags or rolls – bags are a set size, where as rolls you can select what size bag you would like to work with
  4. What size width do you need – both rolls and bags come in up to 5 different widths

Read here more about the 4 things to consider when Buying Vacuum Sealing Bags.

3. Meal Preparation

  • Create your own meals and freeze meals in advance.
  • Prepare for parties in advance and vacuum seal until ready for use
  • Prep a weeks worth of family lunches and dinners
  • Cut fresh fruit smoothie ingredients and store together so you can quickly blend up a smoothie
  • Bake homemade goodies and keep fresh until they are presented

All these tips save time during the week, saves space and saves a big mess to clean up whether you are at home, going camping or catering for a party.

Read here more information about Vacuum Sealing Meals.

4. Toiletries

Vacuum sealing doesn’t just work for food items, why not use vacuum sealing to avoid having your toiletries explode or leak while travelling.

Place your toiletry items in a vacuum sealing bag and seal to eliminate the chance that your bottles of shampoo, conditioner or moisturiser will leak throughout your suitcase.

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Vacuum Sealing Tips and Tricks

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