3 Commercial Uses for Stand Up Pouches

In this blog Pac Food share 3 commercial uses for stand-up pouches, to help your kitchen to be more efficient.

Have you ever used food packaging supplies to extend the shelf life of your food in your business? If the answer is no, let us tell you a bit more.

At Pac Food, we provide a variety of food packaging solutions for commercial and household kitchens, our stand-up pouches are a great product that are very versatile.

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3 Commercial Kitchen Uses for Stand-Up Pouches

Pac Food specialise in developing cost effective and where possible, environmentally friendly food packaging products to be used in commercial kitchens of all sizes including aged care facilities, hospitals, cafes, large restaurants and more.

The top 3 uses that commercial kitchens can use stand up pouches for are:

  1. Packaging soup/sauces
  2. Packaging dry products such as nuts, seeds, spices and other items along these lines.
  3. In-house storage of liquids such as soup or sauces. The liquid is hot filled into the pouches, chilled and then stored in a cold room. This is called the cook shill method and extends the shelf life of the product.

Benefits of Stand Up Pouches

There are many benefits to using these stand up pouches including:
 – they provide a great barrier, with minimal wastage
 – it creates a longer shelf life for the product contents.
 – excellent presentation of the product inside the pouch.
 – easy opening with tear notches.
 – optional re-sealable zip lock.
 – ability to stand on the shelf in a supermarket, restaurant, home or wherever you choose to store the product.

Our stand up pouches are available in a range of sizes and can be used to package a number of items including:
 – dried herbs and spices
 – sauces and soups
 – nuts
 – granola and cereal
 – broth
 – pet treats
 – tea
 – curries

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Stand Up Pouches

Our stand up pouches are a very high quality product and are the perfect choice to store products in your commercial kitchen.

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