Australia’s Best Commercial Vacuum Sealing Bags

With a wide range of food packaging products available for commercial and household kitchens, Pac Food is the provider of Australia’s best commercial vacuum sealing bags.

At Pac Food, our products are used to help extend the life of food products by using the cook chill method in combination with our cook chill bag products.

We are also renowned for our “never out of stock” policy making us one of the most reputable food packaging companies in the industry.

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Vacuum Sealing Products

Our 70 micron bags are the most used in commercial kitchens as they are perfect for sous vide and for vacuum sealing meats, vegetables, fish and other foods.

The 100 micron bags are thicker and are recommended to use with bony meats such as lamb shanks, ribs, pork chops, etc. They are suitable to cook in an oven or boiling water for up to 1 hour.

Most of the top restaurants use our commercial vacuum sealing bags for sous vide or for extending the shelf life of their products.

We find these bags are better than others out there because we have lots of sizes available and are never out of stock. We also provide quick delivery; our products are of excellent quality and all bags are quality control tested.

Benefits of using Vacuum Sealed Bags

There are a number of benefits to using our vacuum sealed bags for your food products including:

  • They extend the shelf life of food such as meat, fish, vegetables, etc.
  • They are mainly used for sous-vide and cook-in methods.
  • Perfect for freezing too.

To find out more about our range of vacuum sealing bags or to make a purchase, check them out online here.

Australia’s Best Commercial Vacuum Sealing Bags

Pac Food not only provide you with Australia’s best commercial vacuum food sealer but can offer advice, samples and competitive prices on our sealing bags and other products. Contact the team at Pac Food on 1800 823 200 or message us here. You can also purchase products through our online shop.


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