Commercial Vacuum Sealing Machine Australia

If you’re looking for the best commercial vacuum sealing machine Australia has to offer, look no further than the range at Pac Food. 

We provide food packaging solutions with products available for commercial kitchens of all sizes.

Our custom food packaging supplies are designed to suit wet and dry products and with our never out of stock policy, you’ll always have access to the products you need.

For further information about our commercial vacuum sealing machine please phone us on 1800 823 200 or message us online here.

Using a Commercial Vacuum Sealer

Our VS820 sealing machine is perfect to help seal anything, even liquids (sauces, curries, soup), but mainly people use it for meat, fish, dairy products.

It uses commercial vacuum sealing bags 70 or 100 micron (or any other gauge) but also micro channel bags will work with this machine.

How to use the sealer

Place the bag in the chamber, close the lid and press start. The vacuum sealing process will start. Once the bag is vacuumed and sealed, the machine beeps.

Commercial Vacuum Sealer Features

The VS820 sealer is ideal for restaurants, cafes, small butchers, marketplaces, cattle stations and farms.

Features include:

  • Strong stainless construction
  • Heavy duty clear lid
  • In-chamber vacuum sealing
  • Adjustable vacuum time
  • Adjustable seal time
  • Liquids are okay
  • Maximum bag size 250x350mm
  • Vacuum gauge
  • LED display

Our food packaging solutions are not only designed for commercial kitchen areas but also home use. So whether you’re a fan of baking or just love to prepare food in advance, our products are perfect for you!

Commercial Vacuum Sealer Benefits

The bags used with this machine (commercial vacuum sealing bags) are:

  • much cheaper than micro channel bags (half the price)
  • easy to use
  • quick
  • used for vacuum sealing dry and WET foods
  • heavy duty

Commercial Vacuum Sealing Machine Australia

Don’t wait to get your hands on a commercial vacuum sealing machine Australia and help your food products last longer! Contact the team at Pac Food on 1800 823 200 or message us here. You can also purchase products through our online shop.


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