How Long Does Vacuum Sealed Frozen Fish Last

If you’re planning a fishing trip with your mates this summer (and you’re optimistic about how many fish you’ll reel in) you might be wondering how long does vacuum sealed frozen fish last.  

Well the good news is freezing and vacuum sealing your catch is easy with the right equipment, and can increase shelf life to 2 years – if it’s done properly!  

In this blog we’ll explain how to best prepare the fish before sealing it, and offer up some other tips about storing your prized catch for a future feast.  

How Do You Vacuum Seal Fish? 

When you vacuum seal frozen fish properly, the shelf life can jump from 6 months to 2 years.  

Whether you’re throwing a line in on holiday, have booked a fishing charter or just the usual weekend out in the tinnie, Pac Food can help you vacuum seal fish like a pro.  

Our portable vacuum sealing machine (vs603), our micro channel rolls and new roll holder/cutter box are the perfect food storage mates for your adventure! 

Here’s the best way to prepare and seal fish: 

  1. Clean and prepare your fish 
  2. Place catch on baking tray or cookie sheet 
  3. Wrap in plastic covering 
  4. Quick freeze fish overnight  
  5. The following day divide up the fish into desired portions  
  6. Once you’re happy with portions, place them into our micro channel bags and rolls.  
  7. Use our domestic vacuum sealer the vs603 to seal your catch  

To make the process even easier we’ve just launched a new roll holder and cutter box to attach onto your vs603

Simply measure out the desired length of roll and cut it. Then seal one side to create a bag. Now you can put a portion of your catch inside and seal away!  

VIDEO DEMONSTRATION: View the demonstration here on how to use our new roll holder/ cutter box.

For more tips about vacuum sealing fish, read more blog articles here.  

How Long Does Vacuum Sealed Frozen Fish Last 

If you’re about to embark on your next fishing adventure, we definitely recommend freezing and vacuum sealing your catch so it doesn’t have to go to waste!  

Pac Food is the leader in food packaging and has been helping keen anglers safely store their prized catch in the freezer to be enjoyed at a later time.  

If you reel in a big haul, be prepared with Pac Food’s range of quality vacuum sealing gear that’s perfect for fishing, camping and living your best life in the great outdoors without worrying about your next meal.  

For help picking the right products, call us on 1800 823 200 or send an enquiry to our team via email info@pacfood.com.au.  


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