Vacuum Sealing Bags For Food

When you’re searching for the right vacuum sealing bags for food, Pac Food is second to none. 

For over a decade we’ve been developing innovative food packaging solutions and our premium food-grade vacuum sealer bags and rolls are no different.  

They’re durable, versatile and well-priced, and will extend the shelf life of your food, stop freezer burn and ensure safe food storage.  

Plus, we’ve got options for both commercial kitchens and people who enjoy vacuum sealing at home. 

Learn more about our range in our blog below, or call our team on 1800 823 200 to determine what option is best for you.  

Vacuum Sealer Bags Australia  

We could talk all day about the benefits of vacuum sealing your food! 

It will save you time and money in the kitchen, keep your food fresher for longer, and is ideal for big families – or commercial kitchens – who can benefit from meal prep, portion control and buying in bulk.  

Vacuum Sealing Bags for Domestic Use – Out-Chamber Machines 

  1. Micro Channel Bags and Rolls  
  • 85micron  
  • BPA free  
  • Compatible with all brands of vacuum sealing machines 
  • Variety of sizes in both bags and rolls 
  • Strong  
  1. Embossed Micro Channel Bags and Rolls  
  • 100 micron  
  • Thicker plastic for longer shelf life  
  • Ideal for sous vide  
  • Helps to prevent freezer burn 
  • Works with every brand of vacuum sealer  

If you want to start vacuum sealing at home, read our blog here for some more information. 

Vacuum Sealing Bags for Commercial Use – In-Chamber Machines 

  • Ideal for Sous Vide  
  • Many sizes and thicknesses available  
  • Short delivery times  
  • Great value for money  
  • Commercial-grade quality product  

Vacuum Sealing Bags For Food 

When you’re trying to feed many mouths and stick to a budget (or make a profit), vacuum sealing is a great choice – extending the shelf life of food and minimising waste.  

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Pac Food is committed to providing customers with the best products, best prices and best customer service. Perfect for domestic use – whether you love fishing, camping or buying meat in bulk – and even small food & beverage outlets such as cafes. 

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