Pac Food’s Current Spotlight – CPET Trays

CPET trays are the most versatile option of the ready meal concept. They have been designed for convenient Grab – Heat – Eat situation. Meals can be kept frozen and heated when ready. They are suitable for a wide range of cuisines, food styles and applications.

The temperature range of these trays is -40°C to +220°C which allows for the product to be stored in a deep freeze and placed directly into a hot oven or microwave for cooking.

The CPET range has many advantages and features that make it superior to other materials, namely;

• Glossy attractive finish
• Good barrier properties
• Various sizes and shapes
• Good sealing properties
• Leak-proof seal
• Vast range of temperatures
• Recyclable
• Easy peel and anti-fog Pac Food offers various sizes and shapes of trays including the lidding film (also recyclable) for the whole CPET range.