Save Labour With Pac Food’s PanSavers

As the Ongoing labour shortages challenges us, why not look at using PanSavers in your kitchen avoiding the time it takes staff to scrub away that “burnt on” and “baked on “ food from the pots & pans as well as saving on water & energy, cleaning products and grease trap emptying.

PanSavers are heat resistant up to 204°C – you simply line the pan or pot with the PanSaver, apply your food on top of the PanSaver and place in the oven or bain marie and no more scrubbing.

It is said that applying PanSavers will keep food holding temperatures an average of 8°C warmer than food held in unlined pans plus it will improve hygiene in your kitchen – compliant with all HACCP standards. Available in many sizes – from double pans to sixth pans, from round pots to oven bags.