Stand Up Pouches | Takeaway and Delivery Food Packaging

With many hospitality businesses pivoting to provide takeaway and delivery options during the Coronavirus pandemic, Pac Food has you covered with our quality stand up pouches.  

Ideal for small scale commercial businesses such as cafes, takeaway shops, food trucks and restaurants – these stand up pouches are a great way to package your signature winter warmer dishes or recipes with a higher liquid for customers to enjoy at home.  

Regardless of whether you choose our original stand up pouch (up to 2500mL) or stand up ziplock pouch (up to 2000mL), all bags have rounded corners and tear notches for easy use and a high micron count for better stability.  

Shop our range of quality stand up pouches here or find out more below.  

What Are Stand Up Pouches Used For? 

With many Australian businesses, such as restaurants and cafes moving to delivery or takeaway menus, stand up pouches provide a versatile packaging option.  

Here are just a few ideas on how you could use them in your café or takeaway restaurant:  

  1. Winter Warmers  

With winter just around the corner our stand up pouches are perfect for packaging meals with a higher liquid content.  

Some of the most popular uses include for soups, casseroles, curries and pasta sauces.  

  1. Packaging Dry Products 

Pac Food’s stand up pouches can also be used to store dry foods, such as nuts, cereal, tea and pet treats with ease.  

The clear packaging means the contents inside the pouch is visible, making it easy to keep track of supplies, but can also be labelled with your own branding if desired. 

Benefits of Pac Food Stand Up Pouches 

  • High micron and extra barrier ensures longer shelf life 
  • Tear notches make them easy to open 
  • Product inside is presented well  
  • Available with or without zip lock  
  • Includes PET for strength, PA for barrier 
  • Quick delivery time 
  • Best prices and service! 

How are Stand Up Pouches Sealed?  

All stand up pouches should be heat sealed. This can be done with our benchtop heat sealer or one of our domestic, out of chamber vacuum sealers such as the VS105 or VS603

Where to buy stand up pouches Australia 

Pac Food’s stand up pouches have a range of commercial uses for small scale food businesses wanting to dial up their takeaway and delivery options.  

Shop our range of Stand Up Pouches online here, or give the friendly team at Pac Food a call today on 1800 823 200.  

Order by 11AM and your order will be shipped same day.  


Pac Food is committed to providing customers with the best products, best prices and best customer service. Perfect for domestic use – whether you love fishing, camping or buying meat in bulk – and even small food & beverage outlets such as cafes. 

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