Takeaway Food Packaging Supplies

If you’re looking for quality takeaway food packaging supplies, Pac Food has you covered.  

2020 has seen many hospitality businesses forced to ramp up (or launch) takeaway and delivery menus in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  

We know many restaurants and cafes have been hit hard by the COVID-19 restrictions – and we understand completely flipping your operations quickly is no easy feat. 

So, if you’re looking for quality, durable food packaging products that will make your life easier, PacFood’s product range is the solution.  

Below we’ve put together a shortlist of products that make an ideal starter kit if you haven’t offered takeaway or delivery in the past.  

Starter Kit: Takeaway Food Packaging 

  1. CPET Trays 

Our CPET Trays come in a range of sizes and are the perfect solution as customers continue to support local restaurants by ordering takeaway meals.  

Contamination risks are minimal, because meals can be cooked, transported, reheated and served in the same tray. 

You’ll love them because they’re: 

  • Microwaveable, and able to go in the oven and freezer 
  • Great for bulk food production and ready-made meals 
  • Temperature range from –40 degrees Celsius to 220 degrees Celsius
  • Recyclable  
  • German quality  
  • Extremely durable  

Meals can be pre-prepared in large quantities, sealed and stored frozen or fresh. All the customer needs to do is to reheat the food and enjoy it.  

2. CPET Lidding Film 

Our lidding film will help to keep meals fresh and reduce spills by ensuring your CPET trays are sealed properly.  

Here are some other features: 

  • Anti-fog, easy peel, non-shredding. recyclable
  • 4 Standard stock sizes, customiseable sizes possible 
  • Available in high and low barrier properties  

3.Tray Sealer Machine 

For the ultimate starter kit, it’s best to use one of our manual tray sealing machines which are;

  • Easy to use 
  • Seals meals quickly at approximately 5-6 meals a minute 

For more information on how the manual sealing machines work, please call the Pac Food team on 1800 823 200 or watch this video demonstration of how the sealing machine works.

Products to Help Restaurants and Cafés Adapt During Coronavirus Pandemic 

The team at Pac Food is here to ease your concerns and help your business adapt to changes during Coronavirus.  

Contact us today to see how what products will suit your restaurant or café best.  


Pac Food is committed to providing customers with the best products, best prices and best customer service. Perfect for domestic use – whether you love fishing, camping or buying meat in bulk – and even small food & beverage outlets such as cafes. 

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