What is Eko Pak made of and why it helps the environment?

When you’re running a food business or restaurant, single-use packaging will almost certainly work its way into your business. The challenge for many restaurants, cafes, and the hospitality industry at large, is how to reconcile the necessity of single-use items with their commitment to a sustainable future.

Eko Pak is sustainable and will help

Eko Pak guarantees all of our products are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner and are made to be commercially compostable and recyclable. Eko Pak’s biodegradable and compostable range ‘single use’ range offers a tonne of benefits. Benefits such as; helping you to reduce the spread of diseases from having to re-use products while committing to a sustainable future and, also ensuring you’re adhering to new government regulations.

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Be Biodegrable and Compostable

When it comes to trying to find an eco-friendly packaging solution it is important to find compostable packaging rather than just biodegradable packaging. Compostable packaging is nearly identical to biodegradable packaging, but it has an extra feature – it’s also compostable! So, not only does EkoPak’s range of packaging break down within 45-60 days, but it also creates compost which is full of nutrients and very good for plants and the local ecosystem.
Compostable is biodegradable with a bonus!

Baggase Packaging

So, what magic material can be both biodegradable, compostable, and still function as a reliable structural packaging material? At Eko Pak, we use Bagasse to create our environmentally friendly containers.

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Pile of bagasse or Sugarcane waste after extraction of the juice

Once sugarcane or sorghum stalks have been crushed and the juice extracted, Bagasse is the fibrous pulpy residue that’s left behind.  Eko Pak chooses to use Bagasse because it’s a renewable resource. It’s also resilient and sturdy and it breaks down within two months to form a nutrient-rich compost making Eko Pak’s product range perfect for hospitality businesses looking for a great environmentally friendly packaging solution.

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