Vacuum Sealing Cooked Food

It can be difficult to maintain a healthy menu for you or your family when life gets busy, which is why it might be time to consider vacuum sealing cooked food.  

At Pac Food, we create high-quality food packaging supplies, including cook chill bags, stand up pouches and vacuum sealing bags.  

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Benefits of Vacuum Sealing Cooked Food  

Vacuum sealing cooked food can be a great time saver for those with busy schedules, plus a money saving solution if you are budget conscious.  

You can plan your meals in advance, prep your dinners, cook and then vacuum seal.  

Leftovers can also be portioned into meals to have later, frozen and reheated whenever you need. 

The amount of time a cooked meal keeps depends on the item; however, they can last for quite a while in the freezer.  

Which Types of Food Can be Sealed Cooked?  

Some vegetable and meat products, including seafood, can be vacuum sealed after being cooked.  

Lasagne is a popular meal to be portioned, vacuum sealed and then reheated.

For information on which food products are suitable for sealing before cooking click here.  

What Food Cannot be Vacuum Sealed?  

Never vacuum package garlic or fungi like mushrooms.

A dangerous chemical reaction takes place when air is removed, causing these foods to be dangerous if ingested.

Vegetables should be blanched before packaging to kill any enzymes that may cause deterioration of out-gassing when vacuumed.

Vacuum Sealing Cooked Food 

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