What Does it Mean to be HACCP Certified?

As one of the most reputable companies in the food packaging industry, Pac Food takes food safety very seriously and is fully HACCP certified, so what does it mean to be HACCP certified?  

In this blog, we aim to answer that question and explain why it is so important to us.  

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HACCP Certification Explained  

The letters HACCP stand for: H – Hazard, A – Analysis, C – Critical, C – Control, P – Point.  

This is a globally recognised system which is preventative and aimed at reducing the risk of safety hazards in the food industry.  

It involves identifying, analysing and controlling any biological, chemical or physical food safety hazards which may lead to contamination.   

These hazards can occur any at stage of the process, with raw material production, procurement and handling, manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product, among the areas which need to be evaluated.   

Once any safety hazards have been discovered, critical control points are identified and monitored, and critical limits are put in place to reduce or prevent the risk of a specific safety hazard.  

Around the world, food safety programs are developed with the seven principles of HACCP in mind.   

According to the Australian Institute of Food Safety, those principles include:  

  • Carry out a hazard analysis  
  • Identify critical control points  
  • Establish critical limits  
  • Monitor critical control points  
  • Establish corrective actions  
  • Establish record keeping procedures  
  • Establish verification procedures  

Why is HACCP Certification Important to Pac Food?  

At Pac Food we follow all HACCP procedures to reduce the risk of any contamination.   

The HACCP certification is important to us for many reasons, including:  

  • to provide safe food packaging products  
  • it demonstrates our commitment to product safety and high standards of care  

It is a top priority for us to supply all products and services with due diligence. We are also committed to quality and product safety and its implementation at each level of the organisation.  

What Does it Mean to be HACCP Certified?  

Food safety is important to the team at Pac Food, which is why we are proud to be HACCP certified.   

For more information about our high-quality food packaging products give our team a call today on 1800 823 200.  


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