Cook Chill Products

Pac Food are the leading experts in Australia when it comes to cook chill, so in this blog we discuss what it is, the advantages of the cooking method and our range of high-quality cook chill products.   

Cook chill can be a great way to extend the shelf life of wet dishes, such as soups and sauces, and can cut costs for businesses who use the cooking method. 

Aged cares, hospitals and production kitchens are just a few of the places which could benefit from the ability to cook in bulk less frequently and save time and money.   

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How Does Cook Chill Work? 

As wet dishes can be made in larger volumes less frequently with the cook chill method, you can save money buying in bulk. Fewer cooking days also means less cleaning days. 

For the cook chill method to be a safe way of preparing food, the bacteria must be brought through the food temperature danger zone properly to inhibit its growth. 

Basically, this is what cook chill involves: 

Step 1: Fill up the cook chill bags when the wet dishes, such as soups and sauces, are hot (up to 95°C). This can be done by vertical form filling, pump filling or by hand scooping.  

Step 2: The bags are sealed with a heat seal or clip seal.   

Step 3: The bag and its contents are chilled using a blast chiller, tumble chiller or ice bath.  

Step 4:  Refrigeration then takes place with the bags stored in temperatures ranging from –2°C to 0°C.   

Step 5: When ready to use, regenerate the item in boiling water or a steam oven (up to 95 °C). 

Pac Food’s Cook Chill Products 

Our cook chill bags come in a range of sizes between 1 and 10 litres.   

  • 115 micron, strong with extra barrier.  
  • Tubular bags, bottom seals only.  
  • Double bottom seals. 

What Are the Advantages of Cook Chill? 

The list of cook chill benefits is lengthy and includes:  

  • Taste, texture, colour and aromas are similar to freshly prepared meals. 
  • As the dishes are refrigerated, they can maintain consistency and texture.   
  • Reduce operating costs by 35% or more. 
  • Pac Food’s cook chill bags are durable.  
  • The method allows for advanced planning of labour, production and raw material, which cut costs.  

Cook Chill Products  

At Pac Food our products are great value for money, we have short delivery times and with our always in stock guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.  

The cook chill method can be a great way to cook in bulk and save time and money. So, if you need assistance purchasing bags or equipment, contact Pac Food today on 1800 823 200.   


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