Vacuum Seal Food Ideas

Vacuum sealing food is a great way to store and lock in freshness and if you’re looking for vacuum seal food ideas, there are plenty of options out there.

Pac Food offer a choice of vacuum bags or rolls in different sizes, meaning the possibilities of sealing food products are endless.

But you will need to consider which size bag or roll will work best for you.

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Food Sealing Ideas

Whether you like to buy food in bulk because you can or have no choice because you live remotely, let Pac Food help you store your food to keep it fresher for as long as possible.

But you’re probably thinking, what food can I store in these vacuum bags? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Meat – Buy your mince, steak, rissoles and other meat products in bulk and store away in portion sizes ready for mealtime.
  • Fish – Store your favourite fillets of fish.
  • Fruit and vegetables  – Keep them fresher for longer or pre-cut ready for snacks, meals, smoothies, soups and more.
  • Citrus juice – When a recipe calls for a bit of lemon or lime juice, you can have portions easily stored away in sealed bags in the freezer.
  • Pre-cooked meal portions – Do all your weekly cooking or preparation in advance and store them away in vacuum sealed bags ready to be cooked or eaten on the desired day.
  • Leftover meals – If you have cooked a large meal and have plenty leftover, store the leftover portions in vacuum sealed bags to eat at another time.
  • Snacks – Nuts, biscuits, chips and even homemade goodies can be packed away in vacuum sealed freshness, ready to be consumed at another time!
  • Packaged items – Extend the life of some of your pantry items including dried fruit, herbs, spices, or even flour and sugar.

Vacuum Seal Food Ideas

A vacuum sealer is one of those kitchen machines you don’t realise how much you’ll use – until you buy one.

The possibilities of the food items you can vacuum seal and store away are almost endless.

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