How to Sous Vide Like A Masterchef | Adam Liaw Sous Vide Tips

If you want to sous vide like a Masterchef, Pac Food has the answers.

We grilled 2010 Masterchef winner Adam Liaw for his sous vide secrets during a special cooking demonstration at Fine Food Australia, the largest trade show for the hospitality industry.

So, whether you’re a professional chef or a passionate home cook in this blog we share why sous vide is a gamechanger and how you can impress your guests in your home, restaurant or cafe!

What is Sous Vide?

But first, let’s recap what sous vide is.

Sous Vide is a French term that means “under vacuum”. It is where a food (typically meat, seafood or vegetable) is vacuum sealed in a plastic pouch, placed in a water bath at a precise temperature and cooked slowly.

The balance between cooking time and temperature is crucial, and will be based on the desired texture or tenderness of whatever you’re cooking.

3 Reasons You Should Sous Vide

During his recent cooking demonstration with Pac Food, Adam explained why sous vide is a gamechanger.

1. Texture

Thanks to the sous vide cooking method you can achieve a beautiful, juicy texture that is impossible with any other cooking method.

2. Flavour

By using the sous vide method, you are preserving the flavour of the food that you’re cooking. And this is a big deal with chicken.

If you cook chicken to the 74 degrees celcius (the food service standard) using any other method you’d be cooking the flavour out of it – making it much less palatable to eat.

But with sous vide, the meat retains its moisture and is kept at a consistent temperature throughout cooking. So, you can be confident that you’ve cooked the meat throughout – and to a temperature that kills any bacteria – making it super easy to plate up a chicken breast that’s cooked to perfection, not overdone.

3. Convenience

Many people don’t realise that you can take vacuum sealed meat straight from your freezer and cook via the sous vide method – it really is that simple!

With the right equipment – including a quality vacuum sealer and bags such as those available here at Pac Food – weeknight meal prep can be cut down, and preparing perfectly cooked vegetables in your commercial kitchen a breeze.

sous vide demo 1

Adam Liaw Sous Vide Tips

Here are four tips that Adam Liaw shared during his Pac Food cooking demonstration:

  1. Texture is key. Different temperatures will give you a different texture, so balance time and texture. Here are some examples:
    Barramundi – 40 degrees for 15 minutes
    Chicken breast – 62 degrees for 40 minutes
    Steak – 55 degrees for 120 minutes
  2. Sous vide doesn’t always mean a prolonged cooking time. This is a bit of misconception with sous vide that because you’re slow cooking, it takes a long time. This is a myth. You can have a beautifully cooked piece of barramundi in just 15 minutes when cooked at 40 degrees. 
  3. Sous vide can be followed with (or used before) other cooking methods. Pair sous vide with pan frying to give meat that crispy exterior yet still tender on the inside – they are not mutually exclusive!
  4. The thickness of the vacuum sealing bag you need is determined by what you are cooking. For vegetables and meat such as chicken and steak a standard back thickness of 70 micron should be suffice. Anything involving bony meats or liquid, opt for a thicker bag such as 100 micron.

What equipment do I need to sous vide?

  • Water bath or steam oven
  • Vacuum sealer
  • Vacuum sealing bags or rolls

Access your free copy of Adam’s Sous Vide Chicken with Spring Onion Oil here. (LINK)


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